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Sydney Stormwater and Structural Engineers Pty Ltd (SYD Engineers) is a leading consulting firm specialising in stormwater and structural engineering. Based in Sydney, our experienced team provides high-quality, cost-effective engineering designs tailored to meet the needs of modern development.

Our engineers hold extensive experience and qualifications in all aspects of stormwater, civil, and structural design. We prioritize understanding your project requirements to deliver practical, efficient solutions that align with your engineering and fiscal goals.

We stay current with the latest industry advancements, ensuring our clients benefit from the most up-to-date technical solutions. Our engineers are supported by cutting-edge computer and information technology facilities, guaranteeing precision and excellence in all our projects.

Structural Engineering

Our comprehensive structural design services include:

Residential Projects

From single-family homes and dual occupancy to terraces, house extensions, granny flats, swimming pools, and decking.

Arup architectural projects

Commercial & Industrial Projects

Covering industrial warehouses, office buildings, residential apartments, retail stores, and production facilities.

Webster Hector Contractors Melbourne

Public Buildings

Covering Large Projects, including Government, educational, community facilities and many other projects.

Stormwater & Civil Engineering

We specialise in a variety of stormwater and civil engineering solutions:

Drainage Design

Custom stormwater drainage systems, on-site detention, and easement designs.

Fulton Hogan construction Sydney

Subdivisions Earthworks

Planning and execution of subdivisions, bulk earthworks, road, and access road designs.

John Holland infrastructure projects

Water Quality & Urban Design

Integrating water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles, overland flow, and flood modelling for resilient environments.


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